Natasha Marie, Life Coach

I have been so incredibly blessed in my moments with Victoria. The sessions were fun, playful, inspiring, and full of “aha” moments. She has remarkable intuition and she always met me exactly where I was at in that moment. This kind of intense presence gave me the clarity I needed to achieve my future goals. When I came to her with manic energy she grounded me and guided me through it. When I came to her quiet and emotionally raw, she gently helped me lower my guards and gave me new encouraging perspectives. Victoria made me laugh and gave me hope and challenged me more than I thought I could handle. But here I am moving forward on my path with a better understanding of myself and a confidence in a very fulfilling new direction. Victoria’s extreme focus and intimately accepting nature gave me new awareness of how I was holding myself back, and the courage to step through my fear and into the person I truly am. I feel at peace with being vulnerable and more empowered than I ever have. I greatly look forward to future coaching from such a beautiful soul. If you have the chance to receive coaching from someone who is truly going to change the world in the unique way that Victoria will, please take it. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you for everything, Victoria! You have helped me more than you know.