I am deeply passionate about connecting the people out to do great things to their healthiest, most inspired and empowered selves so they may do what they are here to do powerfully, healthily and authentically.

Are You Interested Running a Spartan Race and Reaching New  Heights?

Each Summer, we have a group that trains together to prepare for a Spartan Race in September. This is a weekly group training class dedicated to building the skills needed for a successful race. We meet every Thursday at 7:15 pm in North Seattle. Whether you are new to Spartan races or looking for something to add some zest to your training, this is a great fit. Space is limited. Register for a drop in or schedule a complimentary strategy call to see if it would be a good fit.

Are You a Health Coach Looking For Community?

Join the group of dedicated health coaches saying yes to unleashed health and empowerment: Health Coaches Rising Together. It’s a global community of health coaches dedicated to supporting, inspiring, and motivating one another to stay aligned with the important work YOU are here to do by staying connected to the mindset, health, fitness, and spiritual connection that works for you.