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Living an unleashed life is more than finding the perfect fitness program or diet.

Achieving wellness is not about forming a strict routine with unrealistic expectations. Living an unleashed life is about being vibrant,  authentic, empowered, and free to live your life powerfully. In an effort to meet the needs of my clients, I offer in-person services for those in the Puget Sound region and extensive and thorough online services for those who live elsewhere.

Your path may lead you to attend group workshops, register for a weekly series, join a small group, or do a deep dive through one-on-one coaching. Together, we will connect to your innate wisdom, connect and live from your values, and create sustainable and satisfying health through empowered wellness. I welcome you to choose the path that best supports your individual growth and empowerment.

To learn about my  One-on-One Health Unleashed Program: 90 Days to Mind-Body Transformation, get all your basic questions answered here.

If you are ready to jump right in, schedule a free call with me today to see what option would work best for you.