The Befriend Your Body Challenge

Are YOU ready to befriend your body and stop blaming it for not having more connection, health and self love?

Are you…

  • Blaming your body for keeping you from having the life you really want?
  • Battling constantly between your mind and body?
  • Stuck in your head and wanting more access to your body’s wisdom?
  • Curious to find out if you are holding trauma in your body?

And READY for…

  • Discovering YOUR blueprint to achieving health and fitness goals
  • Self Compassion and acceptance for your body regardless of size?
  • a JUICY loving relationship with yourself (and your loved ones)
  • Freedom from indecision and overthinking, saying YES to clarity
  • more Ease in caring deeply for yourself (byebye intermittent self care)
  • Embodiment tools to work through triggers and big emotions

If so, join us

Mark your calendar and come join us for 7 magical, healing, and explorative days

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for the woman who knows she is here for something bigger than herself and wants to be able to step into her power more fully. She knows that in order to rise fully and truly support others, she must take exquisite care of herself.

How does one do that with the endless to-do lists and busyness of life?

If you are…

  • Great at supporting others whether with advice or help, yet you easily make deep care and intimacy with yourself negotiable
  • A visionary who wants to feel more connected to your feminine essence and flow without sacrificing your goals
  • A coach or healer who would like to deepen your ability to hold sacred space and powerfully support clients stepping into more empowerment
  • Stuck in your head running around trying to figure out the “right” path forward in your life, health, relationships, and/or business?

This challenge was made for you!

In this Challenge, I will teach you a tool that has changed my life and has allowed me and countless clients to break out of self-doubt and shed excess weight with ease while stepping into more true confidence and deep connection with their truth.

What if you had something that helped you deal with life’s fears and triggers without needing to numb with procrastination, food, or substances?

What if your mind and intuition worked hand in hand?

What if you felt safe and connected to your body?

Your vision is too important to spend time feeling disconnected from yourself and guessing the best way forward.

This is your time to shine.

This challenge will help you build the foundation to foster more inner safety, connection and acceptance

What’s Included?

  • 5 live experiental masterclasses
    • Sunday 2/13 at 11am-12:30pm PST
    • Monday 2/14 at 7am-8:30am PST
    • Tuesday 2/15 at 7-8:30am PST
    • Wednesday 2/16 at 7-8:30 am PST
    • Saturday 2/19 11am-12:30 pm PST
  • Live Q+A to deepen your understanding
  • Private Facebook group to get immediate support and community
  • Dedicated time to get to know yourself more deeply

What to Expect

Your Host

After years of trauma, I got used to ignoring my body and focusing my attention on everything and everyone else outside of me. This got me great opportunities at work and admiration, but it cost me.

During that time, I struggled with my health, felt disconnected from myself, and felt lonely even when in relationships. I know how it feels to feel disconnected inside when what is happening outside “should” be enough to make up for it.

Luckily, through many years of school, courses, mentors, and self-exploration, I finally befriended my way through into embodied living (bullying myself got me nowhere). I now have ease with my health, easily lost the excess weight, and feel deeply connected to myself and my loved ones. It took me healing and rewriting the way I relate to my body.

Over the last 10 years, I have had the honor of working with clients dedicated to creating more health and empowerment in their lives. I get to share what has worked for me and save them time from having to figure it out alone. I take on a holistic approach meaning we bring your mind, body, and soul into the conversation so you may figure out your health and empowerment blueprint.

Are you ready for yours?

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