Personal Training

Unleashing your Inspiration Starts Within

Health and fitness is a personal, dynamic and multi-faceted experience we each have a unique relationship to. When we put our health second—whether that be physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual—we are really putting our lives and purpose second. When we embrace being our best, we can create and do our best.

What does it cost you when you try to reach health & fitness goals without ever fully achieving them?

Together, we will craft an exercise routine that works according to your body, goals and schedule. We will cut through the barriers keeping you from staying consistent while enjoying the journey and step into a body you love from the inside out.  

Since 2012, I have led over 10,000 sessions and had many clients, ranging from ages 20-90, who have found that my training programs incorporate a holistic approach that yields benefits not only the body but also fosters confidence, empowerment and skills to be able to create lifelong health and fitness. I have learned the difference between clients who reach their goals and those who don’t (it’s not the number of squats!) and am committed to you achieving yours. 

Currently, my personal training services are based in North Seattle with supplementary coaching available online with specialties in:

  • Functional Training
  • Strength Training
  • Weightloss
  • Athletic Events
  • Anti-Aging

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Here’s what a few of my clients are saying:

“I feel 10 years younger and am better at golf than ever!”  (Scott M., age 70)

“I’m reversing the aging process and that makes me feel good. When we first started, I couldn’t get off the ground without help. Now I feel like Superman. (Guy M., age 84)