Food for Thought

Feeding Seattle’s Homeless one meal at a time

Each month, inspirational coaches of all specialties come together to host this event where we prepare 300- 350 meals for Seattle’s homeless population.  This is the first event in Seattle to combine personal development and community service into one fun day!

The intention of this event is to:

  • Make balanced, healthy meals available for homeless men, women and children who may not have access to food banks
  • Have a safe place for people to discuss the how of human connection while making a difference
  • Get inspiration and community with people who want to help unite our community
  • Promote and unite local businesses for a good cause
  • Give participants tools to live more fulfilled, joyful, and empowered lives both personally and professionally.
  • Make coaching accessible to people of all walks of life
  • To stand as proof that anyone can make a difference
  • To provide many ways for people to get involved according to their comfort level

Fun facts about Food for Thought:

  • In 2017, we passed out 2000 sacked meals, 200 pairs of gloves, 80 hats and 20 jackets
  • This event is completely donation based and open to anyone who wants to make a difference
  • Each month we host in a different area of Seattle to help make this event accessible for all
  • We have had donors from all around the world, not just Washington!

How does the event work?

The event is broken down into two days: the event day and the pass-out day. The event day is where all meals are prepared. The following day is when people meet at Pioneer Square and pass out the meals.  This event is meant to have opportunities for people to be able to help however they prefer whether that be in preparing the meals, passing them out, and/or aiding in any behind the scenes work. Doing one does not obligate anyone to any other aspect.

This event operates on donations and your donation not only helps buy the food and rental, but every $25 donation enters you into our monthly drawing for prize baskets from local business ranging in $50-100 of value and gives you a 25- minute discovery coaching session with a coach of your choice to be used within 21 days of your donation.

The Event Day Schedule:

Participants are welcome to drop- by for any and all of the event.

11 -12 pm Meet and Greet along with some movement activity (yoga, meditation, dance, etc) led by a local 
12 - 3 pm Prepare sacked meals
3-3:30 pm Lunch, discussion about the importance and how of reconnecting to our humanity, and raffle for donors
3:30-4 pm Complimentary 25 minute discovery sessions

Passing out the meals

Meals are passed out the Sunday after each Food for Thought during the hours of 1-3 pm. Participants from the event are also welcome to take meals to their neighborhoods if they know of a homeless population who may benefit.

Want to get Involved?

I am passionate about promoting local businesses and fostering a community of like-minded individuals. If you are a coach and/or local business and would like to be featured, please reach out to me directly at